It’s easy to assume that fitness trainers and eating disorder specialists have little to do with one another. After all, fitness trainers help people lose weight, while eating disorder specialists help people resolve their disordered eating habits. However, when the two combine forces, great things can happen. Let’s take a closer look at how fitness trainers and eating disorder specialists can work together to help people with their disordered eating habits.

Fitness Trainers

Eating disorders are often hard to spot. Fitness trainers may be able to notice the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder before others do. That’s because fitness trainers are able to observe their clients in action. They can take note of symptoms that arise when the body is put under physical stress, such as dizziness or unusual amounts of fatigue. Because fitness trainers need to focus on their clients’ bodies, they may also be able to notice changes in their clients’ before others do, such as rapid weight loss or knuckle injuries. As a result, fitness trainers may have an upper hand at spotting fitness-related disorders such as anorexia athletica.Fitness Trainer and Eating Disorder Recovery

Fitness trainers may also be able to provide assistance in the eating disorder recovery process. A tailored workout regimen can help people heal from either extreme weight gain (from a disorder such as binge-eating disorder) or severe weight loss (as a result of anorexia or bulimia). Exercise can act as medicine to the body, and fitness trainers can guide clients towards a healthier lifestyle.

Eating Disorder Specialists

While fitness trainers are experts of healthy living, eating disorder specialists can offer expertise on the psychological aspect of recovery—the most crucial part of the recovery process. While in therapy, patients will learn how to normalize their eating habits, monitor their moods, and strengthen their problem-solving skills. Without the assistance of an eating disorder specialist, a person may not ever develop the tools they need to recover.

Better Together

Fitness trainers and eating disorder specialists have special skill sets, both of which can help people recover from eating disorders and other food-related mental health issues.

Together, fitness trainers and eating disorder specialists can use their unique knowledge to lead those struggling with disordered eating on a path to recovery. If you have any questions about eating disorders, feel free to contact us today.